I'm Leticia,

a creative and passionate graphic designer experienced with designs for social media, App Store, and Google Ads.

I am now eager to take my skills to the next level and explore the exciting world of UX and UI.


Google Ads

App Store 

& Google Play



Social Media

Figma Projects

College Project - Abba Space

This was my first experience with Figma and UI/UX world. It's very simple. I've learned a lot after this!

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Offer page

This was just an offer page for an app. Pretty simple project.

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Offer page - A/B/C Test

This was the most recent one, a simple project for an offer page. In this project, I was able to apply more concepts and ideas that I am studying to improve my abilities and get ready to accept more challenging jobs.

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Let's get in touch

Send me over a message, I'm available.